Friday, February 28, 2014

Disappointing news about Hurricane Polymar ;_;

Crowdfunding for Hurricane Polymar has come to an end.  Anime Sols' grand total for the DVD box sets is...

$13,470 USD

Yeah... only about thirteen thousand bucks.

Sadly, our favorite red karate superhero did not reach his goal of $29,000 USD.  There won't be official DVDs of Hurricane Polymar with English subtitles... which is disappointing to say the least.  At least, the entire series is available for streaming up on Anime Sols for the time being.  Let's hope the next series that Anime Sols decide to crowdfund will be more successful.


  1. I'm dissappointed too, as a UK resident i'v been unable to pledge, despite numerous (unanswered) emails to animesols. i hate that this failed when it simply shouldn't have.

  2. That's really too bad.
    Hard to know if it's just because the old-school market is too small of a niche or if fans are simply leaning more towards streaming than hard copies.
    DVDs still get my vote!

  3. El problema es que esta bendita paguina no permite ingresar a la gente de latinoamerica. Yo veo muchos animes con subtitulos en ingles, igual que mucha gente que no tiene al idioma ingles como nativo.
    De todos modos el 99% de los anime que veo los descargue de alguna paguina web, y no tengo por costumbre gastar mi dinero en anime, pero mucha gente lo hace.



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