Saturday, December 28, 2013

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon: Episode 11

The last release of 2013 is ready... Episode 11 of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon!

Like I said, this episode is much better than the one that came before it.  This time, The Dazaan Army sends its newest mechanical beast to battle our favorite mecha-footballer.. a robot that resembles a garuda... named "Fire Dalos".  This time, Fire Dalos actually succeeds in doing what all other mechanical beasts could not at this point... it damages Dai Apolon!

This incident instills Takeshi with a sense to become stronger to protect the people of Earth.  As a result, Rabi teaches Takeshi of a new special move to use against the Dazaan Army's machines... "The Apolon Destroy"!  If you want to see if Takeshi can master the technique or if Fire Dalos ultimately wins against Dai Apolon, you'll have to download the episode to find out.

Some scenes in this episode were used in making "Shadow World"... particularly when Rabi tells the story of Planet Apolon and of King Apolon's inventions, the Energy Heart and the Key Energy.  Strangely enough, Takeshi never got to use the "Apolon Destroy" in "Shadow World".  If you'd only judge Dai Apolon just from "Shadow World", Rabi teaching the "Apolon Destroy" would've been a waste.  Go figure.

Episode 11 (It Appeared!!  The Secret of the Mortal Destroy)


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