Monday, December 9, 2013

Mach GoGoGo: Episode 05

Episode 05 of Mach GoGoGo is now ready for release to the public, our joint project with "The Skaro Hunting Society".

This episode is the first part of a two-part episode:  "Secret of the Classic Car".  Go Mifune meets and old man and his granddaughter on board a Ford Model T car.  This old man happens to be the caretaker of many orphans as well as his granddaughter, Michiru.  This old man has aspirations to construct an amusement part for his orphaned children, but his Ford Model T hides a secret... one that escaped convict and gang leader, Onigawara, wants for himself.  If you want to see how this all unfolds, download the episode and find out.

Many thanks to sky79, Nanto, and Musical_life for making this episode a reality!

BitTorrent link is up.  Direct Download uses FileFactory for this as the file is too large for SendSpace and Hotfile has been shut down.

Mach GoGoGo:  Episode 05 (Secret of the Classic Car:  Part 1)


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