Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Happy new year, everyone!  It's now 2014!  The previous year was a very productive year for Luurah Productions!  Let's hope 2014 will be just as productive... if not more.  And now... here's progress and all projects that have been worked on so far...

Daltanious: Robot of the Future
I know many have been waiting for my Daltanious project to regain traction. Believe me, I want this to be moving a long just as much as anyone… if not, more. Well, as luck would have it, I have found a translation checker who has been going over all scripts, released and unreleased. So far, up to Episode 19 has been checked, but they still need QC before they can be re-released. Be patient, and Daltanious will be re-released. Many thanks to musical_life and serenade_beta (the TL-Checker for the series) for helping out.
Mach GoGoGo
Episodes of Mach GoGoGo, our joint project with "The Skaro Hunting Society", are still coming along. As of now, we’re five episodes in, and more episodes are being translated. When they’re released, they’ll be announced to the world. Many thanks to sky79, Nanto, and musical_life so far!
UFO Senshi Dai Apolon
As of now, we’re now up to Episode 11 of Dai Apolon. This project has finally come along much faster than I had expected. Episodes are slowly being translated. Hopefully, we’ll have more out. I don’t know if Dai Apolon will be finished by the end of 2014, but I may be overshooting myself. In any case, look forward to more episodes in the future. Many thanks to sky79, Nanto, and Ookalf for helping out!
Uchuu Majin Daikengo
As this project is somewhat new, I only have up to the first three episodes released so far. However, I’ve been hard at work at making first drafts based on this show’s Spanish dub. Griffon has translated Episodes 2, 8, 18, 23, 24, 25, and 26 based on the Italian dub. Hopefully, more from this joint project with "TMUSubs" will be coming soon. Many thanks to Griffon, Blind51de, and OniDragon for helping out.
MagneRobo Ga-Keen
I know this was going to be brought up. For two years, this series has been in what I like to call “production hell”. I had two translators who were willing to help out but disappeared on me without translating a single line. Fortunately, Griffon, who has translated several episodes of Daikengo, has started translating episodes of Ga-Keen using the Italian dub as a base. However, a translation checker still needs to be procured for this to finally see the light of day. This may not be much news, but some news is better than no news, isn’t it?
Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Rangers
Technically, this is MugenX’s project, but I’m still trying to help out regardless. As I’ve reiterated in the past, all unreleased episodes of Eto Rangers have been translated and edited. (I volunteered to do the editing.) However, a translation checker is still needed to go over the unreleased scripts and fix whatever errors may be within the scripts. I had contacted someone who would’ve wanted to help out and possibly bring in a side project of his own, but this person had disappeared. Therefore, I still need a translation checker for Eto Rangers episodes from Episode 17 to the final episode (Episode 39).
Hurricane Polymar
Yes, I know "Universal-Quantifier" had stopped translating this classic Tatsunoko series when Anime Sols announced that it would be streaming and crowd-funding for DVD box sets for the show. I still want to get this out of the way, regardless. After Anime Sols’ “Black Friday” event, funds for the project reached from $3,040 USD to $11,590 USD. Quite a leap, but it is still not enough to reach its goal. Anime Sols still has approximately 60 days before the deadline is reached, so please go to Anime Sols and donate whatever you can so that this series will be available in English.

That's it for today!  Here's to a successful and happy new year!


  1. Happy new year, to u and other guys who help bringing those longforggoten anime episodes.
    Q: why no one brought "gaiking " to English life yet? Is he unworthy of the classic mecha family? Is there any sub group subbed it already?

  2. Happy new year to you all. Can't wait for more Daltainious!


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