Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday hits Anime Sols!

Anime Sols is having a Black Friday sale.  Any pledges made for any of their titles will be doubled.  (This sale will be only last between Friday, November 29, 2013 to Friday, Decenber 1, 2013.)  This will be an excellent opportunity to help your favorite titles on Anime Sols reach their gold faster!

Of course, you know which title I'll definitely be supporting... especially on this Black Friday sale.  *COUGH*HURRICANEPOLYMAR*COUGH*

Speaking of which, Anime Sols is now up to Episode 13... half-way into the series.  In case you might not remember, Universal-Quantifier had stopped at Episode 12 when the title was announced on Anime Sols.  Well, we're now in new territory with the famous red-costumed karate superhero... so if you want to see more of Hurricane Polymar and want to see the title be released on DVD, support the series!

P.S.:  Universal-Quantifier is translating Space Runaway Ideon, so go to their site and check out their latest work!

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