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Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episodes 01 - 03

Surprise, surprise!  Another new project has been announced!  This new project is the obscure 1978 super robot title, Uchuu Majin Daikengo!

When Toei Douga tried to bring this title internationally, it used the title, "Daikengo, Guardian of Space".  The only countries that Daikengo was released internationally were Italy, Spain, and Korea.  However, I'm releasing these unofficial subs using a literal translated title, "Cosmic Devil Daikengo".  (As a side note, the only reason this mecha is labelled a "devil" is because the robot's faceplate splits open to reveal a fanged mouth that spits fire.)

As for the anime itself, this is what it's all about...

The kingdom of Emperius, which benevolently rules the entire galaxy is under attack by armies from Planet Magellan.  On the faraway planet of Lama, a cadre of soldiers were sent there under command of Prince Zamson of Emperius.  However, Lama was devastated and Prince Zamson was assassinated by General Roboleon of Magellan.  (Roboleon gets his name simply because he wears a hat that resembles one worn by Napoleon Bonaparte.  Robot + Napoleon = Roboleon...  Obvious logic there...)

In any case, King Empel of Emperius has to choose which of his surviving sons, Prince Ryger and Prince Yuger, will be the heir to throne and the one to command the giant robot Daikengo, Emperius' greatest treasure.  While King Empel chooses the young Prince Yuger, Prince Ryger commands Daikengo in his place.  Along with him are the daughter of Emperius' corrupted war minister, Cleo (Voiced by Horie Mitsuko) and the robot brothers, Anike and Otoke.  Ryger and his entourage travels the universe on Daikengo to purge the Magellan threat in this 26-episode tour-de-force.  Who knows what will happen, but hopefully, you'll enjoy the ride getting there.

This is also a joint project with Onidragon of TMUSubs, who have subbed several series including the second season of "Cat's Eye" and "Daa! Daa! Daa!"  Also assisting is blind51de, who has subbed the 2012 Jojo's Bizarre Aventures TV series via "Get Back Subs".  Furthermore, these episodes uses foreign dubs as a base.  Episodes 01 and 02 of Daikengo uses the Italian dub while Episode 03 uses the Spanish dub.  Thanks to lostmax who translated Ep01 and Griffon who translated Ep02.  (I translated Ep03 with BendecidaOty's help.)  The RAWs came from Henshin Video, which I encoded myself so that they could be muxxed into MKV files with softsubs.

Episode 01:  Rowdy Wanderer of the Stars
Episode 02:  Lonely Star Warrior
Episode 03:  Bryman, the Wandering Star

Ep01 - 03:


  1. Very cool, keep up the good work with awesome super robot action!

    There was actually an English dubbed compilation of the first 3 episodes that was released on VHS in the UK under the title "Gold Wing". Of course it sucked (like 99.9% of English dubbed anime) but I probably still have it buried in of my old VHS boxes somewhere.

  2. "Gold Wing"? Now, that is news to me. After all the research I had done on Daikengo, that never cropped up.

    If anything, I'd like to see it someday... if for one reason, to see if it's bad in a good way or bad in an awful way...

    1. All I really remember about it is the cheezy theme song. "Gold Wing, Gold Wing, super hero, he will fight for blah blah everywhere". But I've been making good progress going through the old VHS boxes in recent years, I'll find it and get you a copy eventually.

      You know what English dub I think is bad in a good way? Mazinger Z. I don't mean Tranzor Z, I mean that older dub that Toei commissioned from M&M Communications, where they didn't change the character names and they even had Isao Sasaki sing Engrish versions of the songs. That's one of the few English dubs I find watchable. "Look out Sayaka, it's another one of Dr. Hell's evil mechanical brutes!"

      If I'm not mistaken, weren't some of the English songs used in the Mexican dub of Mazinger Z? Not the OP & ED which were instrumental, but that insert song "He'll fight evil..." I used to watch Mazinger Z on a local Spanish language station in Chicago, and I could swear I remember hearing songs in English.

  3. I don't recall. It's been a long time since I've watched the Spanish dub of Mazinger Z. I'll have to look for it and check it out again...

  4. Another cool Super Robot show to keep my eye on, nice work Luurah

  5. all the links are dead...
    any chance for a re-up ?
    please, thank you ?


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