Monday, September 23, 2013

[U-Q]Hurricane Polymar: Episodes 01 - 12 (Batch torrent released)

A batch torrent of Universal-Quantifier's episodes of Hurricane Polymar has been publically released.  These episodes uses a higher-quality RAW source by Simu, fixed spelling/grammatical errors, and translated episode previews.

This will most likely be the final release of Universal-Quantifier's release of the series.  Be sure to go to Anime Sols' and support the series.  Bring Hurricane Polymar to the masses!

Many thanks to Universal-Quantifier for allowing me to help with the series.

[U-Q]Hurricane Polymar:  Episodes 01 - 12

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  1. Since Anime Sol's funding failed for the Hurricane Polymar series, I was hoping that you might finish subtitling the rest of the series. Is there any chance of this? Many thanks for your consideration. --Jim


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