Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hurricane Polymar on Anime Sols!

Hurricane Polymar is going to be on hold for the time being.  Do you want to know why?


Yeah, you read correctly... official subs.  Right now, Anime Sols is trying to pool 29,000 USD within six months.  If they can reach their goal, Hurricane Polymar will officially be out on DVD in English!

It's another victory for classic anime.  Outside of Japan, Hurricane Polymar is only available in Italy... officially released there by an Italian anime distribution company called Dynit and is available subtitled and with an Italian audio track there.  Now, it looks like our favorite red karate-fighting superhero will make his official debut in English!  (Not sure if it'll also be available with an English audio track, but if it does, great!)

Be sure to support Anime Sols in bringing this forgotten jewel from Tatsunoko Productions into the forefront!  Help Anime Sols!

Many thanks to Universal Quantifier for letting me help with their subs for the series!

(P.S.:  A batch torrent containing the first 12 episodes of Hurricane Polymar subbed by Universal Quantifier will go on as scheduled... if for one reason, as a way to help garner publicity for this series.)


  1. First Casshern, now this. FML. Thanks for your work up to this point though.

  2. Yeah, that's bittersweet news. (Mostly sweet, I guess.)

    But all of your work is certainly appreciated!

  3. F@U###! Im like out of canada and eeuu!! Why can see this anime series free??
    Anime sols shi@@|@#@#@#|@#@#t!!

    1. My goodness! You speak as if someone OWES you subs.

      This is just a hobby that costs people's time (and sometimes money) to be completed. Sometimes, these unofficial subbed videos are not meant to be public, but those that do so do it to share their fandom with the world. Out of respect to the distributors, it's only natural that fansubbers cease distro of their videos so that the LEGAL distributors can release their product to the masses.

      Keep that in minds next time you want to see "free" anime.


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