Friday, August 9, 2013

Episode 11 of Hurricane Polymar... by Universal-Quantifier!!!

Universal Quantifier has returned once again with Episode 11 of Hurricane Polymar!

In this episode, the enemy resemble wolves. On top of that, Onitora puts his career and his pride on the line as Chief of the International Police.  Chief Onitora announces that if he doesn't apprehend the White Wolf within seven days, he would resign. Furthermore, a trap is set to capture our red kung-fu fighting superhero.

Check out the episode to see how this all unfolds, and be sure to give thanks to Universal Quantifier as well.

This episode uses a much higher quality RAW video source that was encoded by someone by the name of "Simu", a poster on NyaaTorrents. The first 10 episodes will receive the same treatment in a batch torrent some time in the future. This also means that I cannot use SendSpace for the DDL as it only allows files as large as 300MB without a premium account. A new DDL site will be used in the future for these new encodes. Thanks to Astrapentagona for discovering these new encodes from Simu.

Episode 11:  The White Wolf's Mecha Beast Team
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols' release of Hurricane Polymar!

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  1. What about Mega. I think /m/ has been using Mega and its great for downloaders?


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