Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Episode 10 of Hurricane Polymar... by Universal-Quantifier!!!

Episode 10 of Hurricane Polymar has been released, courtesy of Universal-Quantifier!

The enemy resembles jellyfish (Also known in marine biology as "medusa") this time, and the Medusa Gang are after special vases called "Shibugaki vases" to discover the whereabouts of the Alemar Royal Family's ancient treasures.  All twelve of these special vases were stolen by the Medusa Gang except for one.  Coincidentally, this one vases is owned by the International Police Chief, Onitora.

What could be the ancient treasure of the Alemar Royal Family?  Will Detective Kuruma finally upstage Chief Onitora this time?  You'll have to download to find out.  Be sure to thank Universal-Quantifier as well.

Episode 10:  The Electric Medusa Gang
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols' release of Hurricane Polymar!


  1. I think the torrent link that got posted above is actually for ep.9.

    (Details, details...!) ;)

    Thanks for your continued great work on this series with UQ!

    1. Ooh, crap! You're right! Fixed it. My bad... *^^*


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