Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Episode 07 of Hurricane Polymar... by Universal-Quantifier (and an announcement)

Those accursed hardware sub-ninjas tried to get me... but they were unsuccessful!  After my computer received a brand new motherboard, hard drive, and video card, I'm back... and so is Universal-Quantifier's release of Episode 07 of Hurricane Polymar!

This time, the bad guys resemble Dobermans... and their target involves a dog show where the Doberman Gang tries to kill Chief Onigawara.  Fortunately, Hurricane Polymar is hot on the trail and sniffing them out!  Also, Danshaku develops a case of puppy love. 

In any case, check out what happens, and be sure to send Universal-Quantifier your eternal gratitude!

PackUpload is still misbehaving, so I'm using SendSpace for the DDL.  When PackUpload starts getting its act together, I'll upload the video there.

Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols' release of Hurricane Polymar!


Also, I'm sure you've heard that Sentai Filmworks has inked a deal with Tatsunoko Productions.  So far, of the eleven titles that was licensed in the batch deal, only Gatchaman (TV and OAV) and Neo-Human Casshan (1973) have been announced.  Will this possibly affect both Hurricane Polymar and/or Mach GoGoGo?  Well, if it was only up to me, all I can say is this... I don't know yet.  None of the other titles have been announced yet.  Be sure to keep a watchful eye on Sentai Filmworks for what titles are announced with Tatsunoko Productions.  Whenever the Tatsunoko titles will be announced, I'll decide from there.


  1. Does that mean you will stop working on this until the other titles are announced?

    1. It'll be business as usual until then. Nothing has stopped.


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