Sunday, June 30, 2013

Episode 06 of Hurricane Polymar... by Univeral-Quantifier!!!

Once again, Univeral-Quantifier has returned with Episode 06 of Hurricane Polymar!

In this episode, the bad guy of the week happens to be The Mole Mask... whose specialty is robbing ancient crypts of treasures from the fictitious country of Zusankhamen.  (Possibly, a pun on Tutankhamun)  The Mole Mask robbers also have a mecha that resembles a mole, formed from combining and transforming cars.  (I've seen similar mecha combinations from episodes of Gatchaman in the past.)

Also, The Mole Mask railroads Joe Kuruma in an attempt to escape persecution, but let's see how long that lasts when Hurricane Polymar is hot on the trail.

Be sure to download the episode and give Universal-Quantifier your thanks.

PackUpload is still misbehaving... unfortunately.  I have to use SendSpace to make the DDL link working again.  Same drill as the last episode, I'll be using SendSpace until PackUpload stops misbehaving.

Episode 06:  Mecha-Monster Mole Robbers
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols' release of Hurricane Polymar!

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