Friday, May 24, 2013

Universal Quantifier presents... Hurricane Polymar!!!

I've been waiting for months for someone to fansub this series, and the people behind "Universal Quantifier" has begun fansubbing the 1974 Tatsunoko series "Hurricane Polymar".

This one is about a costumed kung-fu fighting superhero who fight bad guys though his real identity is a clumsy apprentice detective by the name of Takeshi Yoroi who works for Joe Kuruma, a bumbling detective who considers himself "The Next Sherlock Holmes".  This series has plenty of comedic elements and brilliantly choreographed fighting scenes.  Also, the villains look ridiculous... but what did you expect from the 1970's?!

I'm just helping with QC and Distro for this.  Go download this video... and send Universal Quantifier their thanks!

Episode 01:  Musasabi Thief Group
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols' release of Hurricane Polymar!


  1. Well its about time! I have Fansub this episode myself" a few months ago, i look forward to looking at yours! instantking

  2. Another good piece of Tatsunoko! Thank you so much for this great project too, luurah!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks a lot for your work on this anime so far! There are so many great Tatsunoko Productions titles unsubbed, and every little bit counts. Especially this anime, it's been great so far!


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