Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mach GoGoGo: The Mysterious Masked Racer

Luurah Productions is ready to release Episodes 3 and 4 of the classic Tatsunoko series, Mach GoGoGo, our joint project with The Skaro Hunting Society!

In this two-parter, we are introduced to the infamous "Masked Racer", an allegedly cursed race car driver in which every race he participates in has accidents... many accidents.  Also, despite his father's reservations, Go Mifune plans to participate in the Falcon's Table 300 Miles Race.  This dates back to an incident six years prior that caused the Mifune Family some friction.

Back to the race, however, the Alpha Team has designs on winning the Falcon's Table 300 Miles Race... even if it means taking out the competition beforehand.  One of their targets, of course, involves the Masked Racer... and even Go Mifune, himself!

Will the Alpha Team succeed?  Who will win the race?  Check out the two-parter and find out!  It's definitely worth watching!

PackUpload is misbehaving again, so DDLs are being delayed.  However, if you need to download it without using bittorrent, there are DDL links up at The Skaro Hunting Society, thanks to Nanto.

Episode 03:  The Mysterious Masked Racer (Part 1)

Episode 04:  The Mysterious Masked Racer (Part 2)

Episode 03 & 04: The Mysterious Masked Racer (Parts 1 & 2)

Note:  Direct downloads are now available via PackUpload.


  1. Great!!
    Thanks for keeping the Mach series go-go-going!

  2. Thanks you for Mach go gi go!! and all the others proyects!!

  3. Thank You!!! I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work on such a classic show like this!! You guys are the best!


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