Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hurricane Polymar: Episode 02 (by Universal Quantifier)

Univeral-Quantifier has returned with the second episode of Hurricane Polymar!

This time, the president of the fictitious country of Nesburg is assassinated, and its neighboring country of Tekit (also, fictitious) is suspected.  The only clue to this murder mystery is a red scorpion.  What could this mean?  Is Tekit responsible?  Could it be someone else?

Check out how this unfolds... not to mention how Joe Kuruma, the self-proclaimed "Next Sherlock Holmes", can be a shameless flirt to the president's bereaved daughter, Marie.

Be sure to send Universal-Quantifier your eternal gratitude.  I already have.

Episode 02:  Crimson Scorpion: The Assassin
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