Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mach GoGoGo: "Fly! Mach Five! (Part Two)"

Despite the efforts of hardware and software sub-ninjas, Episode 2 of Mach GoGoGo has been released... our joint project with The Skaro Hunting Society.

This concludes the previous episode where The Black Gang attempts to steal the blueprints that are etched in the Mach Five's windshield and how Go Mifune tries to convince his father to become a professional race car driver.  Enjoy!

Also, a second version of Episode 1 has been released as well to fix an error.  My apologies.

Direct Download links from Jumbofiles will be coming soon...

Episode 2:  Mach GoGoGo

Episode 1:  Mach GoGoGo (v2)

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