Sunday, October 21, 2012

Episode 09 of Daltanous re-seeded

I've been receiving multiple messages of this torrent not working for anyone trying to download. After several unsuccessful attempts of personally seeding the torrent, I have re-created and re-uploaded the torrent for it to be re-seeded. Nothing has been changed compared to the torrent that was uploaded on September 26, 2011.

Also, translations on Daltanious has been going slowly but surely. I understand that it has been months since a release has been made, but all I can say at this point that progress is being made... even if it's not as fast as it used to be.

I refuse to give up on this project, and I want to see it completed until the very end.

Reseed of Daltanious Episode 09: Fighting, Fighting, and Crying (v2)


  1. Thanks a lot for re-upload the episode 9, Luurah. Really.

  2. OK. Downloaded and, played with no issues this time... Maybe the past torrent had something... I don't know. This time you re-created the torrent it plays just fine. Thank you very much. (Nankeiro from invision).

  3. Luurah,

    Daltanious looks like a really fun program; but I'm late to the game -- there aren't any seeders for the torrents at Nyaa. Is there any chance of releasing a batch of the show to date?


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