Thursday, January 19, 2012

new direct download links... (currently in progress)

In the wake up MegaUpload's demise, all publicly released fansubbed episodes of "Daltanious: Robot of the Future" has been uploaded again... this time, on MultiUpload.  If you need the eps, and BitTorrent is not an option you want to use, download the links from here.

Episode 1:  Rise Up in a War!
Episode 2:  The Mysterious Third Robot
Episode 3:  Arise, Space Lion!
Episode 4:  Kento, Emperor of the Future
Episode 5:  The Unbreakable Bond of Seven
Episode 6:  Kamerotto Appears!
Episode 7:  Kento will Life as He Desires!
Episode 8:  I Need a Mother...
Episode 9:  Fighting, Fighting, and Crying
Episode 10:  The Destination of a Grain of Hatred
Episode 11:  The Last Residents of Tokyo
Episode 12:  Save Sanae!  The Dreaded Space Virus
Episode 13:  The Tearful Struggles of a Hungry Man
Episode 14:  The Relationship Between an Animal and His Partner
Episode 15:  Hosting the Banging the Festival Drum for the Warriors of Space
Episode 16:  Substitute Operation: Gluttony
Episode 17:  How is Your School?
Episode 18:  What Matters is the Heart, Not the Body
Episode 19:  Homework: Bemborg Collection
Episode 20:  It's Impossible to Escape the Underwater Hurricane
Episode 21:  Cratus, Warrior of Space
Episode 22:  The Great and Tearful Transformation of the Instructor Robot
Episode 23:  Gascon, Tiger of the Galaxy

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  1. Whew, I'm glad I grabbed all previous episodes just before christmas. Damn, this is a worrying sign of things to come. Looks like the US government won't be happy until the whole internet is under the control of corporate america.


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