Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! Announcements for 2012!

Luurah Productions is looking for help for new projects.  It's now 2012, and it's time to announce some future projects.  For starters, I've had my eye on this classic super robot anime for some time, and if you've perused the /M/Subs forums, you'd probably know already.  If not, I'll just announce it right here.

Yes, I've taken an interest in wanting to fansub "Magnerobo Ga-Keen".  I've seen the episodes in Spanish (The spanish dub is called "Supermagnetron".), and I had definately wanted to take a swing at it.  Granted, the mecha in there reminds me of Kotetsu Jeeg, but whatever...

While I *could* try to sub it based on the Spanish dub, I wouldn't mind a Japanese-to-English translator to help me out.  This anime was also dubbed in Italian, and I've seen several episodes floating around YouTube in that language.  An Italian-to-English translator wouldn't hurt either...

Also, I found this anime that I've taken an interested in subbing as well...


This one is called "UFO Warrior Dai Apolon"... a football-themed super robot.  Several episodes were spliced together, edited and dubbed in English as a direct-to-video movie called "Shadow World" by 3B Productions... back in the mid 1980's.  I don't think the company that did that dub exists any longer.  I can do the fansubs of this anime based on the Spanish dub.

Of course, "Daltanious: Robot of the Future" is still in production.  I'm already 22 episodes fansubbed publicly, and I'll be damned if I'm going to give up now.

This project is also on the list.  Some might remember it as "Speed Racer", but its original name is "Mach Go Go Go!"

Well, that's it for now.  Here's to new projects and to a wonderful 2012!

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