Friday, January 6, 2012

Gascon, Tiger of the Galaxy

It took some time, but Episode 23 is finished and ready for public release!

In this episode, we meet a friend of Cratus, "Gascon, Tiger of the Galaxy".  Gascon is one of the most feared and courageous warriors in the galaxy, according to Doctor Earl.  He is also about as crude and foul-mouthed as Kento.  But anyway, he's neutral in the war between Daltanious and the Akron Empire.  Which side shall he go to in this war?  Is he actually going to choose a side?  You'll just have to watch find out.

Also, I'm still looking for a Japanese-to-English or an Italian-to-English translator for Magnerobo Ga-Keen.  If you want to offer your services, feel free to buzz me.

Episode 23:  Gascon, Tiger of the Galaxy

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  1. Thanks for another episode. It's greatly appreciated.


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