Friday, September 30, 2011

The Tearful Struggle of a Hungry Man

Episode 13:  The Tearful Struggle of the Hungry Man

Well, after that debacle of re-encoding the first 12 episodes of "Daltanious: Robot of the Future", I managed to release Episode 13.

This episode focuses on Tanosuke Hata, the fat kid of the orphan bunch.  He meets a young girl named Ayame Sujita, and cupid's arrow makes its strike.  If you want to see how it unfolds, you'll just have to watch the episode and find out.

Oh, one more thing... Luurah Productions now has its own IRC channel.

Just check in at #Luurahfansubs.  I might not always be there, but if you catch me there, we can always shoot the breeze or whatever.  Just be sure to follow the channel's guidelines, and everything will be just fine.  ^^

Special thanks to Breila McValan for providing this IRC channel.  :)

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