Monday, August 1, 2011

Kamerotto Appears! (and revisions of Eps 3 - 5)

Say hello to Daltanious' mechanical turtle sidekick, Kamerotto!  It may look cute, but watch out!  See how Kamerotto helps out... and I use that term loosely... with Daltanious against another of Arkon's robots!

Also, I had been receiving complaints about how the letters appear in the subs on HDTVs... particularly when Kento shouts "Cross in!".  They have been fixed with newer revisions.  This applies only to Episodes 3, 4 and 5 as that was when Kento has started to "cross in".

This means that the link to the previous version of episode 3 (version 2), episode 4 (version 1)and episode 5 (v1) will no longer be supported and the download links will be removed.

Episode 3:  Arise, Space Lion! (v3)

Episode 4:  Kento, Emperor of the Future (v2)

Episode 5:  The Unbreakable Bond of Seven (v2)

Episode 6:  Kamerotto Appears!

Note:  All links removed

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