Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kento, Emperor of the Future (and v2 of Episodes 1-3)

Luurah Productions have found a translation checker/quality checker... Breila McValan!  Thanks to this generous person, "Daltanious: Robot of the Future" fansubs from this site will have improved quality.

Episodes 1-3 have already been remade with V2 versions of each episode.  Subtitles have been reworked, and a different font has been applied for all fansubs:  Arial.  Yes, it's a default font, but it works all the same.

Episode 4 have also been released under this new format as well.  You'll find BitTorrent and MegaUpload links below to all corresponding files.  This means that the previous versions of Episodes 1-3 are no longer supported.  You will no longer have to use the Neuropol X Free font anymore for these fansubs.

Episode 1:  Rise up in a War! (v2)

Episode 2:  The Mysterious Third Robot (v2)

Episode 3:  Arise, Space Lion! (v2)

Episode 4:  Kento, Emperor of the Future

Note:  All links removed

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